ChiCD - Multimediale Chemie - ChiCD


Interactive chemistry for the middle school, the perfect complement to all major chemistry books on German-, French- and English-speaking schools.

Chemistry Seminar CD

The ChiCD is an interactive multimedia program in chemistry primarily for middle school students at Swiss schools. The ChiCD was founded on mathematical science school Rämibühl short MNG under the direction of Dr. C. Ammann and contains 13 chapters and over 70 animations on chemistry. In the initial phase, the project was supported mainly by students, since January 2001, a team of professionals takes care of the implementation of the material. In 2003, the ChiCD in version 2 was supplemented with a French translation, since 2005 with version 3 it also exists in an English translation.

Online Version

In 2010, the team led by Dr. C. Ammann decided to make the ChiCD available on the Internet. For this, the entire contents of the ChiCD was re-processed and completed, and since the beginning of 2012, the online version 4 is available on the Internet. To the chi-browser, the core of the multimedia program which structures and allows access to the contents of ChiCD, was ported to the Internet from the original CD version for PC / MAX / LINUX. The first online version in German is available since September 2011 on the Web at The English and the French online version were added a short time later to the online edition. They complete the transition of the ChiCD to the Internet, and with version 4 the whole content is since the summer of 2012 available online from the everywhere in the world.


An field report on the ChiCD by Manfred Amann (01.04.2004) is available on the Web at