ChiCD - Multimediale Chemie - CD / DVD


Shipping ChiCD via mail to Switzerland and abroad.


The CD version of ChiCD can be ordered by mail, alternatively you can also access the online version of the content.

The ChiCD is available for 44 SFr., the shipping / handling cost share is 4.50 SFr. and is independent of the size of the order until further notice.

We can also ship to Germany and the EU. The price is 32 € plus 4 € shipping fee. To facilitate the payment, there is a bank account in Germany.

There is also a library version available. This copy may be leased / rented - ideal for school media centers! Such a CD costs 440 - SFr. If you desire more information or would like to order a library version of ChiCD, please send an email to:

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